It’s almost here!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I’ve been recovering from a bout of the flu….which I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy! Lots of rest for me, and soup, and episodes of The Office on Netflix to keep me distracted from the achy and fevery flu. I’m finally on the mend, and just in time….because the UICA holiday market is just around the corner! This is the event I wait for all year. So many talented artists and lots of holiday cheer. I hope to see you there Friday or Sat!

I wanted to share a blog They Draw & Cook that is always inspiring me. I’ve even having my students create an illustrated cookbook inspired by it. Check it out! They are sooo cool!


Thank You

A big thank you to everyone to visited house #4 for Beneath the Tree last weekend, and thank you to Mary, our gracious hostess for opening up her home for this fun event. Also, many thanks to all the came to Forest Hills Eastern’s holiday expo and artisan’s market.


I will be updating my online shop  this week so you can do your holiday shopping at your convenience. I have two more big sales coming up for the holidays. The UICA holiday market will be at the new location this year! Come visit us December 2, 5-9 or Dec 3 10-9.


I’m also part of a group handmade collective that is hosting a handmade holiday party downtown Friday Dec 10, 6-10 pm. These women are so talented! Check out this post on lief design’s blog by Emilie Tromp to learn more about the participating artists.

I’m also accepting custom orders up until Dec 5 in time for holiday gifts. Send me an email:

Check back soon for updates!

October flew by! Sorry it’s been so long since my last post. I’ve mostly been busy sewing up a storm. Lots of jersey scarves and oilcloth bags. I’m finishing up some wallets and have many more ideas for projects. I’m looking forward to TWO sales next weekend: beneath the tree and FHE artisan market. I’m also thrilled to announce that I’m part of a new group of artists called Handmade Collective. These women are so talented! We’ll be putting on our very own sale/ holiday party on Friday December 9, 6-10 pm. It’s going to be so much fun! You won’t want to miss it.

I hope you are all having a great week and wish you a fantastic weekend. I’ll be going horseback riding on Saturday and then heading to a barn sale to look for some items to include in my displays at the upcoming holiday sales.

A Snail!

That’s who I found in my carton of raspberries as I was enjoying them at lunch time today. At first I thought it was just a shell,but I watched him (or her) or my plate and start to move. I was so surprised I made a little video to share with you. It’s not terribly eventful, but I don’t think I’ve ever watched a snail move around before.    Ahh…my computer won’t let me upload the video. I’ll see if I can make that available for you soon. Sorry, you’ll just have to imagine a small snail wiggling its sticky little feelers around in the air.

I’m finally getting over a nasty cold thats been going around. I spent a lot of the weekend resting, so I had to get caught up on grocery shopping and laundry the last few days, but now I’m feeling good. I also sewed a bunch of little wool felt friends. Again, no pictures…it’s getting dark so early now. But soon! I also decided yesterday to go vegetarian for a while. I always go back and forth with this. I’ve made the commitment for the rest of the month, and then will hopefully move into a lifestyle that is closer to vegan. I know that eating fruits and vegetables are so much better for you. I’m trying to think of food more as a source of fuel and nutrition for my body than a source of entertainment or delicious tastes. I’m thinking I’ll revisit some of my vegan cookbooks, like the veganomicon.

Ok, a preview of the little felt friends. Not a great photo, but I was hoping for some feedback. They are about 5″ tall. They are made of wool felt and stuffed with polyester fiberfill. I hand stitched them. They’re simple, but I think they’re cute. This little one is a bunny, but there is also a bear and a cat (of course.) Trying to figure out a way to make a deer. On one hand I really like how simple they are, but I also thought about trying do more detailed animals, like a wildlife set and a jungle set. I really like this wool felt, but the colors are limited too. Thoughts? Suggestions?

Hope you’re having a great week! I hope to have all kinds of new fabrics arrive in the mail this week…including one all the way from South Africa!

The biggest beet in the world!

That’s what my boyfriend brought home today. It is seriously almost the size of a basketball. And we’re going to eat it for dinner. 🙂 (I was loosing daylight quickly so I just set it in the window…not exactly a great photograph but it gets the job done I think.)

the mother of all beets


I’ve been feeling under the weather this week and I’m so glad it’s the weekend! I’m hoping that I’ll wake up magically tomorrow with my cold having vanished. But,despite not being completely on top of my game, I’ve gotten a lot done today. After teaching 3 classes I made a trip to the bank and ordered more business cards and some amazing new fabrics. I also finished and submitted my proposal for my first book…I’m keeping this one top secret for now. But I’ll make sure to keep filled in if all goes as planned.

Hope you all have a great weekend!


I wish my cats were better at sewing

…so they could help me with all the work I wanted to get done tonight. Alas, my sewing room has fabric all over the floor, but after creating a larger than life to-do list for today, I think I’m going to call it quits for the night and relax fora little bit and get to get to bed at a decent hour. Tomorrow is my long day at school with all the little ones…and goodness knows you’d better be ready for them or it will be chaos. But I wanted to make sure to keep you updated before I shut down the office. I wish I could sing you the goodbye song from the Sound of Music, but I guess this will have to do. (Anybody else like to sing that in their pajamas as a kid?)

I had such a great time at the Flea Market at Everlasting Blooms last Saturday. It was fun to talk to everyone and make friends with the vendors, especially the women at the hot fudge booth. 😉 I managed not to eat a lifetime’s amount of fudge in free samples, but it took quite  bit of will power. I’m also pleased to announce that I now have some items for sale in the Everlasting Blooms shop. This show has so many adorable things! It is definitely worth a visit, even just to look.

I’m working on lining up a few holiday sale shows. I’ll be sure to keep you posted. Tonight I made more drawstring pouches. Again…its too dark to get a decent photo. I promise I’ll post them soon. I made some itty-bitty ones that are perfect for gift cards or small jewelry…I love making cute things!

I still haven’t had as much time to sew lately as I’d like because I’m been working so hard on lesson planning and everything art education related. But I’m loving really loving my job, and thankful to have a steady income that allows me to all of this fun sewing. However, I know the holidays are going to be here before I know it and I have all kinds of plans for holiday sales, so I’d better get moving!

Here’s an artist I stumbled upon today while doing some lesson planning. I love her style!

artwork by Jenn Ski

New Discoveries

All the lights were off when I arrived at school today to find that the power was out. And after bunch of little ones were dropped off by buses, we ushered them in the from the rainy, windy playground into the dark hallways, only to call their parents asking them to pick them up from school. Two hours later I’ve started my three day weekend. 🙂 I made a trip to the fabric store and picked up some leather cording for the new drawstring bags I’m making. It’s too late for any natural light to photograph them now, but I’ll post some pics this weekend. I’m making them out of leftover scraps from bigger projects and I just LOVE them! They make really special gift bags that can be reused or re-gifted. I also picked up a copy of possibly the cutest book I’ve ever seen : Illustration School Let’s Draw Cute Animals by Sachiko Umoto.  I originally intended to bring it to school and make copies for my students to use as drawing reference…but I’m really tempted to keep it all for myself. 🙂


I also picked up a copy of Stitch magazine. I’m thinking I’m going to need a subscription. It’s so great. I’m just starting to get into sewing new items (thinking about aprons a lot especially and maybe making some clothes for myself) and the articles are so helpful! I also found a new sewing idol Heather Moore. She designs amazing fabrics and there are so many wonderful and totally usable products made from them (napkins, aprons, pillows, etc.) I’m feeling so inspired today.

I also managed to squeeze in a nap this afternoon and then set up for the Flea Market tomorrow at Everlasting Blooms. Come check it out! I’ll be there 9-5. I got a sneak peek at the other booths and boy is there going to be some great stuff! That’s all for now.


It has been such a great week! Thursday are my day off from school and today I treated myself to sleeping in until 9 and it was wonderful! I dropped off some oilcloth bags to 6.25 Paper Studio, which is a very cool shop that just opened in Monroe Center. It is an honor for some of my bags to be included. For those of you in GR, check it out while you’re looking at ArtPrize! I’m ordering packaging for the holiday season (including some very fun colors of tissue paper) and taking a look at some new fabrics too. I’ve got two loaves of bread in the oven, made with local spelt flour from the farmer’s market. I’m definitely feeling in the mood to bake these days.

I’m also planning to participate in the Flea Market at Everlasting Blooms on October 1, 9-5. Stop by and say hello!

I’m off to finish up a jersey scarf, but I wanted to share a cute and very unique wrist pin cushion from Heather Bailey for any of you out there that sew, or are thinking about learning to sew.

Eastown Street Fair

A big thank you to everyone who stopped by my booth at the Eastown Street Fair! I had so much fun! I also enjoyed getting to see and talk with some of the other vendors. I even got a great metal enameled necklace from Stephanie Trompen.

I also enjoyed talking with Emilie Tromp of lief design, Liz Goldberg of L Cali Designs.

I also picked up a copy of InFrame Bride magazine to check out one of my zipper pouches! What a cool magazine to be a part of! (Check out the press section of my blog to see it.)

I’ve got a few laminated bags to finish up before I have some guests arriving for a little get together.

More updates coming later this week. Hope you’re having a great week.

A walk and some wallets

I went on a nice walk with my friend Rebecca Green yesterday morning. It’s so chilly outside in the morning now, but a brisk walk, with some warm water and fun walking partner was just what I needed. (She also happens to be an amazing artist and illustrator.) She helped give me the idea to start sewing wallets….so I did. 🙂 In fact, I made five of them. It was fun create my own pattern. I’m still thinking about how I can add a zipper pocket to it, or if it needs a closure, but right now I think they are nice, simple little wallets with 3 pockets to hold cards (each pocket would probably hold 2) and a pocket to hold dollar bills. They are nice and sturdy with lots of interfacing. I was so proud of myself I just had to share them with you right away:

They will be for sale tomorrow, along with all kinds of other goodies at the Eastown Street Fair. I’ll be there from 9Am-8Pm. I’ll also be adding wallets to my online shop.

I also stopped into my local Goodwill store today and found a huge reproduction of  painting by Jodi Fuchs.

I also came across this image I had tucked away in an desktop folder.  I was thinking about how much fun it would be to paint on leaves, or even have some of my students do that too. (I’m an elementary art teacher by day.)

Well, have a great night and hope your weekend is off to a good start. I’m about to start some bean quesadillas featuring some local goat cheese from the Dancing Goat Creamery…yum! Hope to see you at the Street Fair tomorrow!!