I’m so happy to be writing this post this morning, with a few windows open, beautiful gentle sunlight, sipping fresh lemon juice in a tall glass of water (I hear that is a great way to get your body ready for the day) and it is seventy degrees (in March, in Michigan!) It’s parent teacher conferences at school this week, and that difficult “doom and gloom” time in schools, when the budget is looking quite depressing and wondering about the next year. But this weather has helped raise  colleague’s spirits and none of us are taking it for granted.

I’ve haven’t had much time for sewing so far in 2012. I loved the linen apron, tea towels and pot holders that I made for the UICA’s Live Coverage event and was so happy to see them find a new home. The section I was working in had pretty harsh lighting, so I didn’t end up getting any great photos to share with you. I have a fun, patterned custom order apron to work on now. Other than that, I’ve been trying to rejuvenate my creative self. I’ve been looking through all sorts of books for inspiration and new techniques. Stencils, screen printing, watercolor and acrylic painting, sewing dresses for myself: all things I would like to do, but it can be hard to choose one to start with. And I get so inspired looking at other artist’s blogs, especially Gennine’s Art Blog…I would I could be that productive with my art everyday. I purchased a new sketchbook, and wrote down some goals and have done a few doodles and sketches. It feels like a lot of pressure. I haven’t regularly drawn or kept a sketchbook in since college…about 6 years ago. I’m trying to find the balance between challenging myself to push, to grow, to have a clear vision for what I want to do and make, to create quality images (which takes time and dedication), and playing, trying new things and not being afraid that they aren’t good enough, not being too critical of myself. I hope to have lots of sketches to share with you in the coming weeks, but for now I’m keeping my sketchbook private. It’s going to be an exciting time, really delving into creating a brand for myself and exploring different materials and processes. I also have a super secret project I’m working on with my friend Emilie Tromp, that we’ll share with you in June.

I’ve also recently become addicted to Pinterest. Art students and artists are always collecting images and inspiration, and Pinterest seems to be  the perfect tool for doing that online. How about you? Do you have a Pinterest account? What are your favorite things to pin?

One artist that I wanted to share with you is Jenny Bowers. Her stuff is amazing! I really am hopelessly in love with color and pattern.

In addition to my teaching and art making, my fiance and I are starting a small CSA organic farm. He gets to starting planting seeds in the green house next week and even put peas in the ground. No matter what, this summer is going to be exciting (a new farm, our wedding, a new home)! I’m hoping to borrow inspiration from the farm, including lots of vegetable images and maybe some farm tools in my work.

I hope you’re reading this with the window open, listening to the birds sing, and feeling excited to be alive and to do the things that make you the most happy.


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  1. i love geninne’s art blog. those birds, those colours. plus she makes me feel more grateful for living in the desert. hi beth! sending a bit of voodoo your way.

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