Aprons Galore

I’ll be making an apron for the UICA’s Live Coverage Event in February 18. Here’s a peek at the materials I’ve collected. I’ve got the fabric in the washer right now, and I’m hoping to get started on creating my own pattern today too.


I also wanted to share a few photos of aprons that have inspired me.

from Egle Bibillute on etsy


from Rakuten Global Market (in Japan)


from rowhousenest.com


from Charlottesfancy.com


and a beautiful one from Anthropologie... not very practical. I know I'd get spaghetti sauce all over it, but the layer of eyelet lace on top are beautiful!


and I couldn't leave out lotta jansdotter

and another by lotta

okay, last one, I promise. I just love her prints, especially on linen.


Well, I’m off to check on the apron fabric in the dryer now, and then do some work on a super secret project for school. Feel free to share any photos of aprons that you love, or suggestions for what might a handmade linen apron more special. I’m thinking about stamping/printing on the fabric, or possibly hand stitching a design. Also might find some cool buttons, maybe made of wood or clay. So many possibilities! I think aprons have the potential to really enhance your experience in the kitchen. I often think that if I have special dishes, utensils, cookware, etc and a beautiful apron I’m more likely to spend more time and more thought on what I’m making and to experiment with new ingredients and techniques, to really enjoy the food, and maybe even gain a new confidence in  yourself.  I have also been thinking about aprons for gardening and for art projects. I must confess I splurged on this marimekko apron to wear at school, and it always lifts my mood. I get tons of compliments on it, from the students and my colleagues. A splash of bright color can make a big difference.

It’s been snowing outside all morning and it’s gonna keep snowing all day, i just feel like staying in and working on projects. 🙂 Hope you’re having a great weekend.

Ooh, since we’re talking about aprons this morning I wanted to share the website that my sister is working on: betty sage. She’s a foodie and she know her way around the kitchen. Yes, she’s my little sister (and don’t you forget it, Allison) and I have to admit that she was making lunch for me at an early age, when my cooking skills only including pouring myself a bowl of cereal and toasting a piece of bread. I still call her for advice when trying something new, even simple how to, like “AL, how do I broil a steak, and should the meat have flames shooting out of it?”  She’s also on facebook.

That’s all for now! 🙂


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