First Dress

Ahhh, Sitting at my computer with a great cup of coffee (in one of the  several Christmas cat mugs I inherited from my aunt a few weeks ago), a piece of delicious toast and a bowl of yogurt and raspberries (my absolute favorite fruit of all time)…and they are in one of my new anthropologie bowls I treated myself to recently. I can’t help it, having beautiful things to use everyday puts a smile on my face. I got to sleep in since today is my day off from work and I was able to leisurely take care of dishes and laundry, etc. today without any stress. We’ve had some beautiful weather (It was 50 degrees yesterday!) and now we’re looking at a snow storm tonight and early tomorrow morning. You can see it in all of the teacher’s eyes at school…. s n o w d a y… we hardly dare say the word, hoping not to jinx it. It would be so great, snow days are like a gift from the earth, reminding us to slow down, take some time for ourselves, and to stay warm and safe inside with loved ones, or at least a good book. I wish everyone could have snow days, not just teachers. Well, enough about snow days…

I’m planning a trip to the fabric store to hopefully start my first dress this weekend. *Correction: I’ve sewn some dresses and skirts before, around the age of ten, with the help of my awesome and fun loving step-mom. What do I remember (besides the laughing)? Lots of ironing, pressing, trying it on, tearing out stitches, resewing, etc. = frustrating. Hopefully I’ve gained a little patience over the years, as well as some increased sewing skill, and now I have a serger to help me out too. I guess I’m feeling cautiously optimistic, but excited none the less.

Before I forget, I’m thrilled to be invited back to the UICA’s Live Coverage Event in February. I have something special planned for that…more info soon. I’ll also be helping my farmer do some planning for the season…he starts planting in about 10 weeks…so exciting!

Hope you have a great day!


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