Screen Printing!

Can you tell that I’m excited? I’m listening to Christmas music while cleaning my house and getting ready for my very first ever screen printing project. If it goes as planned, I’ll have some water resistant fabric done tonight, in time to sew it into pencil pouches and maybe a cosmetic bag or two by our big Handmade Holiday Party on Friday. I know it’s too early to be announcing New Years Resolutions, but I’m thinking mine is going to be something along the lines of expanding my products, including some clothing, and lots of custom fabric I’ll screen print…and going to yoga class more often.

I know I’ve promised to update my online shop, but to tell you the truth I’ve sold out of almost everything oilcloth. I’ll be working around the clock just to get a few more things made for Friday. But I have wallets, which I need to add to the shop, and drawstring bags with velvet ribbon ties. Unfortunately it’s too late to order oilcloth in time for the holidays. I’ll be doing a major overhaul to the online shop after the holidays. I’m looking forward to sewing the screen printed fabric, and finishing up a few custom orders, but then putting my feet up, drinking some custard nog (it’s sooo good!) and relaxing with my farmer and our friends and families.

I was looking through the new Garnet Hill catalog that came in the mail today and wanted to share this really sweet wooden dove wreath with you.


Hope you’re having a great night. Maybe I’ll see you at the party on Friday, 6-10. More posts coming soon!


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