One Sweet Potato and Other Sweet Things

Just a quick post tonight. Some of you may know that I am an elementary art teacher by day – who was recently laid off from her job because of budget cuts, and who was even more recently  and unexpectedly called back to a part time teaching position. I’ve been scrambling to get ready for the year and today was our first day of school. I feeling great about how organized my room is (finally) and I was excited to meet some of my students, and looking forward to meeting more of them all week long. Getting to be an art teacher for another year is definitely sweet.

I also went through an extreme cleaning/organizing phase at home getting ready for the year. I cleaned out my closet, washed all the floors, did some bring a lunch to school friendly grocery shopping, etc. I’ve been eager for my fall garden plants to be ready to harvest. I tried one of my sweet potatoes (I though it in with a batch of homemade oven fries) and it was so good!

I’m staying awake just long enough to take a pear crisp out of the oven in a few minutes to bring to dinner tomorrow…and it smells delicious. Wishing all of your students and teachers a happy start of the year.

[photo credit]


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