That’s what I’ve been eating, and cooking, and canning…you get the idea. 🙂 But I’m not complaining. They might not have been my favorite food as a kid, but having access to an abundance of organic heirloom tomatoes is just one of the perks of dating a farmer. I’ve made spaghetti sauce and pizza sauce and today I’m drying a bunch of them in the oven. Just cut them into quarters, sprinkle some salt and basil, or any other herbs you’d like, and pop them in the oven at 175 for about 10 hours.

”]The sewing has been briefly interrupted with some business of life, and now a broken walking foot ( part of the machine…not my foot, thankfully) I’m eager to get a bunch of projects finished up as soon as my new one arrives.  I’m also working on some new jersey scarves. I’m excited to show them to you soon. Starting to get excited about the Eastown Street Fair too! September 17 will be here before we know it!


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