Little Garden Treasures

Well, I finally made it back out to my little 5’x10′ garden plot. I’m embarrassed to say that I let the weeds get away from me. It’s been so hot, and I’ve been busy with projects. I managed to pull most of the weeds, and checked on some of my warm weather vegetables…most of them still aren’t ready. Tiny cucumbers, tiny carrots, a few potatoes. But the swiss chard sure looked nice! I’m going to use it with pasta tonight for dinner. I ended up pulling out the pea plants (they were looking pretty sad and dried up.) And the let the lettuce get away from me too. Looking around me, so many of the other gardeners, whose plots initially seemed bare, were now lush with tomatoes and peppers and zucchini. My garden didn’t seem to full when I planted it (well, I knew it might start to resemble a jungle, planting so many things in such a small space.) I’m worried I planted to carrots and beets so close together that they won’t be able to grow. Thinking I should go back out there a pull some of them to make room. I guess I’ve learned my lesson with gardening: less is more.

one of the last peas of the season

bright lights swiss chard

tiny carrots... I wish I could feed them to a mouse


I”m feeling good that it was a productive day, but didn’t get anything done in the world of sewing. But I’ve got a date with my sewing machine tomorrow and I’m looking forward to it. I’ll be making some 14″x10″ zipper bags. I came across one that I made for myself last year and I remembered how much I like this size, especially for art supplies, packing a lunch, or for traveling with shampoo, perfume, etc.  Tonight I’ll be making blueberry jam and blueberry crisp.


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