Blueberries and new ideas

I can’t believe it is August already! I love summer so much, especially all the delicious fresh fruits and vegetables I get to eat this time of year. I’ve been making trips down to the farmer’s market, went blueberry picking, and even worked a few days at an organic farm with my boyfriend. In an attempt to make the season’s fruits last, we made dill and sweet pickles, raspberry jam, blueberry syrup, and next on the list is blueberry jam, blueberry crisp, and the most exciting of all: blueberry cheesecake ice cream.

I’ve been playing around with some new ideas for bags, including making shoulder straps or wristlets for the smaller zipper bags, kindle covers, more one-0f-a-kind bags featuring applique or hand sewn buttons, etc. I’m also wanting to make more tote bags, more pot holders and eventually design my own fabric. I’m also revisiting the yoga bag design I was working on in the spring. To to completely honest, the design didn’t work out as well as I thought it would. I tested it myself, and I think it’s a little awkward. It needs a zipper or it needs to be a shoulder sling bag. Still thinking this one through. I’d love to hear feedback or ideas for new projects from you out there.

I also have a lead on an exciting new place to sell my bags online in addition to my shop…more info soon. 😉

A big thanks to my friend Alyssa Dyer for her help with some new photographs! She even got a nice shot of pretty.


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