Studio Makeover

It was time to spruce up my office/studio and get organized again, sorting through stacks of fabric left over from various projects, and a few new ones I had forgotten about. I also put up some new shelving, a hanging file box, and a little dry erase board. A big thanks to my good friend Laura for helping me pick out new the shelves and install them, and sharing your wisdom and know-how with me…it turns out an electric screw driver isn’t exactly the same thing as a drill. I was up into the early hours of the morning, but made for such a nice start to today, feeling energized and excited to start a productive day in my new space. Turns out I’m not the only one appreciating the makeover.

There’s a pile of bags and pot holders that are just waiting to be photographed and about 10 oilcloth bags ready to be sewn, so check back soon to see the new items. I’m also in the process of changing the photos on the online shop, so please excuse the mismatching look for the time being.


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