“Without ice cream…

… there would be darkness and chaos.”  ~Don Kardong

 [photo credit]

I can’t help it, I love ice cream…especially now that summer is here. I even received a beautiful ice cream maker for my birthday last year so I can make my own. It took some experimenting, but after a few mediocre batches, I found some truly amazing recipes! And now I’m hooked. I’ve made vanilla bean, blackberry, caramel, strawberry cheesecake…and I’m about to give chocolate malt frozen yogurt a try (figured something a little lower in fat and calories might be a good idea.) I like using organic ingredients, especially the dairy and eggs from my dad’s chickens. I’m also planning to try a vegan version using coconut milk. I’ve also got a loaf of flax seed bread in my bread machine too…it feels good to make my own food instead of buying processed foods from the supermarket. It makes me feel powerful. I think that’s a big part of the appeal for sewing too. I like making something beautiful and functional.

I got some gorgeous red leather at a sale yesterday and I can’t wait to try some zipper pouches with it! I’ll post some pictures of the finished products soon.


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