Hello summer…

I’m eating one of my homemade strawberry cornbread muffins and listening to the Crane Wives after finishing up a custom order this morning. All sorts of exciting updates are happening…new Mac OS X Snow Leopard software, new business cards and tags on their way as well as some fabrics all the way from England. Summer vacation just started, and that means I have tons more time for sewing (and working in my garden, going for walks and other fun stuff too.)  Here’s a peek at the order I finished today…for my friend that’s getting married. She hasn’t seen them yet, so you just get a side view…gotta love those green zippers!

I had so much fun at the Eastown Bizarre Bazaar last weekend! Thank you to everyone that came out. I’ll plan to do some Sundays at the Fulton Street Artisan’s Market this summer too. I’ll also be working on my online shop. 🙂 If you happened to see a bag you can’t live without and I haven’t added it to the shop yet, send me an email and I can try to make sure it finds its way to you. Also, Rebecca Green is the illustrator who created the images for the OH DEAR line. Check out here amazing work! She also happens to have designed the cover art the new Crane Wives album.

I’ll leave you with this video from Portlandia…enjoy. 🙂


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