It’s Spring Break

and I’m finally able to get to work with the new fabrics I ordered for oilcloth zipper bags and yoga bags. These fabrics are so great, I can’t wait to show them to you…hopefully tomorrow. I’m finishing the design for the yoga bags (with some help from my friend Laura) tonight. It’s challenging and exciting to design your own pattern, working to find the very best dimensions and then figuring out how to put all the pieces together and in what order. I will also have a dozen or so finished zipper bags by the end of the week, in about 8 different fabrics.

I’ve also been busy trying out some new recipes in the kitchen, including some amazing ice cream from The Pioneer Woman. She is a genius! A friend shared some raw goat’s milk with me, and we made yogurt, paneer cheese and whey pizza dough with it. I like that I’ve been to the farm where the goats live, and petted them, and I know that they have a good life. We also made some delicious Vanilla Cherry Breakfast Risotto. I just love spring break!

Napoleon is sure enjoying having me around the house this week….he practically begged me to get the camera out to take his picture.

I’ve also been going to hot yoga at The Funky Buddha. It is so much fun! It’s a great workout. The teachers are awesome. I feel so energized afterwards. It’s a treat to be able to go at 9 AM every day this week. Only on spring break. 🙂

I’ll try to share some photos of bags tomorrow.


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