I had a blast

at the UICA Live Coverage Event. My friend Laura came with me to help carry and set up all my gear. I made a travel set of bags (a tote and three zipper bags) with oilcloth. It was an honor to be included in this event along with so many other talent artists. Here are a few snapshots from the night.

The view from my work area...before it got a lot busier.


artists Lindsay Jones and Erwin Erkfitz doing their thing

the oilcloth travel set I made

Laura and I, glad to see the travel set go to a nice home and ready to sample some of the delicious dessert!

What else am I up to? I’m working on a new design for a yoga mat, which reminds me: I am loving hot yoga! I’m been going 5-6 times a week. It’s a great workout and it helps me feel more centered. I even treated myself to a new yoga mat and a yogitoes towel – they keep you from slipping everywhere when you get so sweaty. I only went once this week because we had parent teacher conferences at school and I had a few other appointments. I’m looking forward to getting back into the swing this week.
I’m also working on a baby blanket for my friend, who’s little girl is schedule to arrive in this world in just a few weeks. I found some great fabrics today and I can’t wait to get started.

In case you need a laugh. Are you as eager for spring as I am?


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