Waffles and getting organized

That’s what is new with me in 2010. Once again I have let my blog drop by the wayside. Things were busy with the UICA Holiday Market last month, finishing up school before the big winter break. I also had sinus surgery, which slowed me down quick a bit. But I love January and New’s Year’s resolutions and making goals for myself. I posted a list on my refrigerator, which includes drinking more water, eating more homemade food (and less processed food- that hardest part of this will be making good lunches for myself), exercising more (I’m even looking at running a 10K in the May…yikes!), getting 8 hours of sleep every night, and a good blog post at least once a week. Whew…it’s a long list, but these are all things I want to work on, so I’m going to give it my best shot.

photo credit

In the kitchen department, I received a new waffle maker, food processor, and two very cool sets of mixing bowls for Christmas from my family. Waffles from scratch are a great treat on Saturday mornings, especially using the organic egg’s from my Dad’s chickens. (I’ve been trying to eat vegan for the past few months. I’ve decided to make a few exceptions to this for now – eggs from my dad’s farm – because I know the chickens were treated well, and occasionally grass fed milk, and local goat’s milk.)

My sewing machine has been taking rest after almost two months of round-the-clock sewing, but will start up again soon. In addition to some new sewing projects I have in mind, I’m also going to be sewing on paper for the graduate class I just started : the medium of paper. I’ll try to post some of my projects here to share with you.

Another goal is to get the forrest shop up and running. I’ve got some bags that need to be photographed and posted. Thank you for your patience.

Oh, and I almost forgot! I’ve been invited to participate in the 2011 Live Coverage event at the UICA. This is going to be so much fun! I’m still thinking about what I want to make. Any suggestions are welcome.


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