Oh Dear, Fall is Here…

I can’t believe it! Going to take a break from sewing and carve pumpkins with my wonderful boyfriend tonight. I’m embarrassed that I’ve, once again, failed to make regular posts. Let’s give it another go.  A much needed update: it’s a new school year, and I’m teaching in a new school. I love it! It feels like home. I’m also collaborating with a local illustrator Rebecca Green on the 2010 Women + the Arts fundraiser for the UICA. She has designed fabric for 7×5 zipper pouches. Local poet Linda Nemec Foster has provided a poem for the bag, too. We’re in the process of sewing 300 of them (yes, 300) by the end of the month. It’s a tall order, but it’s also an honor to be included in the project.

Rebecca and I have another exciting project in the works. We’re collaborating to create a new line of one-of-a-kind accessories under the name Oh Dear. This fall and winter we’ll be making stockings, zipper pouches, checkbook covers, napkins, place mats, tree skirts and more. Rebecca is creating illustrations to be printed on the fabric and I will be sewing them. We’re planning to debut them at the UICA Holiday Market. Check back soon for more updates and images of the works in progress.


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