My Moleskin Weekly Notebook

This is my journal. Well...not my actual journal, but a clone of my journal.

Getting my business up and running and developing my online shop has kept me very busy lately. There are so many ideas I get and I desperately need a place to write them down. I’ve been using my moleskin weekly journal. It has a calendar on the left side of each page spread and the right side is reserved for notes. I can keep track of my schedule and appointments and write down ideas and inspirations too. I started several exciting projects today which include new fabric sources, advertising ideas, product ideas to name a few. I hung out with my friend Erin today after work. She will be starting her own design business in the next few weeks and I’m very excited for her. She has given me tons of great advice and feedback. I always fill at least one page of my journal with ideas during/after hanging out with her. I’ve set a tentative date for an official launch, but I’m not quite ready to share it yet. But it will be here soon!

My biggest goal for the next few days: work on the aesthetics of my blog and online shop. So, if colors and fonts and layout keep changing on you during your visit, don’t be alarmed.

This is NOT my journal, because mine is full of notes and scribbles.

I feel a little bit like this:


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