Blog Kickoff!


7" x 5" lined zipper bag with Echino fabric

I’m so excited to get this blog up and running! I’m really inspired by lots of friends lately who are taking on challenges that flex their creative muscles in order to pursue their passions. I’m an elementary art teacher, so I’m pretty fortunate that most of my time at work is spent doing something I love: helping kids get excited about art. But I’ve realized that helping other people make art doesn’t feed me in the same way that making my own art does. It’s time to start making things again. I’m not going to worry about making a clear distinction about whether what I’m doing is art or craft. I guess I like to think it’s somewhere in the middle.

This blog will be a place for me to organize my thoughts and share my projects with you. I’m hoping that some of you will be friends and acquaintances and that some of you will be strangers who have managed to stumble upon this blog and were intrigued.

I have big plans and I’m eager to work on accomplishing them. Some of them include:

1. perfect my designs and sewing skills for smaller and medium zipper bags, large tote bags, farmer’s market bags, luggage tags, toy mice for cats, and felted pin cushions

2. write in this blog everyday and not worrying too much if anyone is actually reading it

3. create an awesome online shop here and sell my stuff at the Fulton Street Artisan’s Market on Sundays this summer- Opening Day is June 13

4. manage to find some balance in my life with an already busy schedule (and find time to run…the 5K Riverbank Run is soon approaching)

5. have a lot of fun making new things and talking to people about them

6. get started on the garden plot at Blandford Nature Center and create a flower garden on my balcony

7. get some cute pictures of my cats while I’m trying to photograph my work

8. design and print new business cards and tags for my bags

8. build a business, creating and selling handmade items, that supports me financially and bring me a lot of satisfaction

It won’t be easy but I’m up for the challenge. (For those of you who know me: I really don’t think it will be like when I was younger, when I was fairly confident that I would be competing in the Olympics as a gymnast, or at least in softball…) I hope you’ll check back to see what I’m up to and how things are going.


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